Meet Coach Betsy

Betsy Thompson is an All American triathlete,  has had a 20+ year career as a Scientist, and has coached a vast array of athletes from elite to couch-to-triathlon.  Betsy’s specialty is finding the limiter in each athlete and addressing it so that they are a well rounded triathlete.

Each training plan is tailored specifically for each athlete and benchmark tests are done to check progress (swim intervals, heart rates, paces and functional threshold of power).  This data is evaluated and a purposeful plan is developed for each athlete, which is the most effective and efficient way for improvement.  Join her team today and get ready to excel at all three sports!

Betsy’s favorite past races include:
Marathons: Boston marathon,  Columbus marathon, Georgia marathon, and God’s Country marathon
Half Marathons: CapCity half, Athens half, Run The Bluegrass half
Other running races: Bourbon Chase, Ragnar Relay Miami to Key West, Salt Fork 10.4mi Trail Challenge
Bike tours:  RAIN, TOSRV,  MD Gran Fondo Diabolical Double, and Mt. Diablo Summit Time Trial
Triathlons: American Triple T full, Escape from Alcatraz, Age Group Nationals OLY, Steelhead 70.3, Eagleman 70.3, Little Smokies 70.3, Savageman 70.0, OH 70.3, IM Louisville, IM Lake Placid, IM Coeur d’Alene,  IM Mont Tremblant and IM Wisconsin.
Open water swim races: Greenswell OWS and Big Shoulders 5k.